An animated sitcom, Kappa Mikey is the story of once struggling American actor Mikey Simon, who moves to Japan and becomes an unlikely success in this “raw” fish out of water comedy that goes behind the scenes of a show within a show.

Before there was instant fame via Instagram and YouTube, Mikey Simon had to do it the hard way — by winning an instant scratch off contest that gave him a starring role on a hit Japanese TV series. At first, Gonard, Guano, Lily and Mitsuki, the stars of LilyMu, Japan’s highest rated anime action series don’t know what to make of their new costar. Drawn in a thick-lined pop graphic animation style, Mikey’s outsider status is highlighted in a Japan drawn in classic anime style.

Kappa Mikey was Nickelodeon’s first ever global acquisition and is also considered “the first anime series produced in the U.S.”. When it premiered in the U.S. on Nicktoons Network, it became the network’s #1rated show, airing 18 times a week. The only non-Nickelodeon produced series to be included in the network’s official commemorative Nicktoons art book, Kappa Mikey has become a cult classic and fan favorite for its hilarious characters and visual plays on anime.